Arthur asked me about 1080p capture for next-gen systems. Right after that I got a bunch of new Twitter followers. So it seems like people are interested. I figured I’d refresh my memory and throw up a list in an hour or so.


Two days later, I have discovered that it’s pretty difficult to get solid and exact answers on 1080p59.94 capture over HDMI. This means that the device will natively accept AND capture an incoming 1080p 60fps signal via HDMI (assuming it’s not protected by HDCP, of course). Some product listings aren’t accurate, some are too vague, and some in-person answers directly contradict published info.

But fear not! I’ve put together all the mainstream devices that will do it, plus a few others for good measure. I actually don’t own any of these, so do your own research before buying.

And a couple potential gotchas:

  • Pro video devices tend to have more latency on output than is acceptable to gamers. I’d advise an HDMI splitter upstream of your capture device. I use this one.
  • Most HDMI capture gear is pretty picky about what it’ll accept for audio – usually only PCM, and sometimes only stereo. Again, do your research, and remember that return policies exist for a reason.




$1,299 via B&H

Platforms: Mac Only

Connection: Thunderbolt

AJA Kona LHi

Kona LHi

$1,295 via B&H

Platforms: Mac, Windows

Connection: PCIe


Io4K (?)

More Info

This one is actually unreleased, so we don’t know much about it – but I’d put money on it supporting 1080p60 capture. So if you don’t need gear right this second, may want to wait for this one to ship. Who knows, maybe it’ll even have 4K 60fps capture.

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Decklink 4K Extreme

Decklink 4K Extreme

$945 via Amazon

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux

Connection: PCIe

Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K

Ultrastudio 4K

$945 via Amazon

Platforms: Mac Only

Connection: Thunderbolt

Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D

Ultrastudio 3D

Discontinued, but you can still find it

I was hesitant to include this, as it has a pretty spotty reliability and performance record. BUT, if you can find it on clearance, you may be willing to take a chance. I wouldn’t, but you might.

Convergent Design

Convergent Design Odyssey7

Odyssey7 & Odyssey7Q

$1,295 via B&H Preorder, Unreleased

Yes, I know it’s designed for cameras, but it does record 60p via HDMI – plus it’s the only stand-alone option on this list. The Q is probably overkill for anyone who doesn’t use it with a camera though.

Platforms: Nope

Editing Software: Records files, so almost anything

Connection: 2.5″ SSD’s

Et Cetera

There’s a bunch of super off-brand, poorly translated options if you look hard enough – like the Monster XX. I don’t recommend these, but they exist. And if you choose to go down this dark path, remember that “video capture” doesn’t always include “audio capture” – medical imaging cards specifically will do great video and ignore audio entirely.

1080p60 as 30

But maybe your needs aren’t so crazy, and you’d be content to capture 30fps from a 60fps signal. Sadly, most gear that won’t capture 60fps also won’t accept it at all – but there are two exceptions I know of.

Matrox Monarch Real Image

Matrox Monarch

$995 via Amazon

This thing looks really cool. It’ll record H.264 to an SD card or USB drive, can accept aux audio input, AND can stream to YouTube/Twitch/wherever. All without a computer. I’ve written about it a ton; sadly, I’m still waiting on my demo unit.

Platforms: Nope

Editing Software: Records files, so almost anything

Connection: SD card, USB drive, network share

Elgato Game Capture HD

Elgato Game Capture HD

$158 via Amazon

I’ve been using one of these for months, and really like it. Is it pro level? Nope. But it’s cheap and, in my experience, reliable.

Platforms: Mac, Windows

Editing Software: Records files via dedicated app, so almost anything

Connection: USB

The Obvious: Converting to 1080p30

Obviously you could always buy a converter and downscale 60p to 30p, at which point almost every decent video product would capture it. I’m not going to cover that, as the options are immense. But you can do it, and it’ll look fine. Of course, a converter usually costs as much as (or more than) the options above.

That’s it. Did I miss one? Email me or comment or whatever. Work in games media and need a next-gen workflow designed? I consult!

…though I’m admittedly terrible at it, since I keep posting advice for free.