$99 to Make Your Podcast Sound A Lot Better

$99 to Make Your Podcast Sound A Lot Better

Most Black Friday deals nowadays aren’t great. But if you’ve got a podcast, and want it to sound better, there are a couple deals you really need to check out. And even if you miss these deals, these tools even at full price are worth it.

Renaissance Vox – $29 on sale

Waves Renaissance Vox plugin interface

Renaissance Vox from Waves is a super easy-to-use compressor/gate. In plain English, it makes things more consistently louder (compressor), and minimizes sound from when you’re not talking (gate). We use it on every episode of the critically acclaimed Video Grandpa Podcast, enjoyed by literally tens of people weekly. I personally have been using it for about a decade, and always come back to it.

If you don’t catch it on this sale, it regularly gets cut to $39, so just wait for the next sale (sign up for the Waves emails to get notified).

Izotope RX Plugin Pack – $69 on sale

Izotope RX Plugin Pack interfaces

Izotope makes the amazing RX suite of audio repair tools, but it starts at $349, putting it out of reach of most podcasters. But they’ve recently come out with a plugin pack of their core tools, including their amazing de-noiser. Chances are, unless you’re recording in a real studio, you’ll need a de-noiser at some point – and this is the one they use to make Deadliest Catch sound like not a nightmare of waves and screaming crabs. Check out the demo:

So there you go. 2 great pieces of software, $99 total, make your podcast sound great.