Automatic Duck Plugins for Free!

Automatic Duck Plugins for Free!

If you missed the news late last year (which I think a lot of people did), the folks at Automatic Duck have moved on to work with Adobe and others on technology integration. As a result, all Automatic Duck plugins are now free.

These plugins are still incredibly useful, even if they’re no longer officially supported. They include:

** Pro Import AE 5.0**

Import your Avid or Final Cut Pro 7 timeline into Adobe After Effects.

Pro Export FCP 4.0

Export AAF files for export to Avid or Quantel editing sytems as well as Pro Tools digital audio workstations from FCP 7.

Pro Import FCP 2.0

Import OMF or AAF compositions from Avid editing systems, Toon Boom’s StoryBoard Pro or Pro Tools into Final Cut Pro 7.

Media Copy 3.0

This helpful utility reads an AAF or OMF export from your Avid or XML export from FCP7 and copies the media associated with your edit. Media Copy can also read Avid project and bin files, making a nice way to archive projects.

So what are you waiting for? Download them all now! Even if you don’t need them right this second, you might someday.