IGN Live @ E3: A Brief FAQ

I stole this photo from Walter

I noticed some recurring comments on the live show page, and figured I’d give a little info on what went on off-camera. I’ve been head of production on the show for the past 3 years – this year Daemon headed up the editorial side.

Q:  What happened to ______?  I was waiting for it!

A:  E3 is nuts – everyone trying to show their games to everyone else. So of course, sometimes things don’t go as planned.  Appointments go long, pushing other appointments back, making people unavailable…etc etc. Sometimes, our guests simply can’t make it to their scheduled times. In those cases, we do our best to reschedule their segments, and still let you see the games. For example, this happened with Forza – they couldn’t make it, we rescheduled, and were then able to do the segment.

Q:  Why didn’t you spend more time on ______?

A:  We generally let segments go as long as we can. But again, E3 is nuts, and sometimes we’ve got to go short. Also, a lot of the time, developers have a set length demo they do for media outlets – so in that case, segment length is predetermined.

Q:  I waited all night for this segment, and it’s just a trailer I’ve seen before?!?

A:  Unfortunately, sometimes we have very few video assets to show you guys. A lot of the games we’re looking at are nowhere near finished, so we’ve got to do our best with what’s available. That said – we are always pushing to show you as much of these games as possible.

Q:  I missed a segment because I thought the schedule was in my local time!

A:  Nope – schedule is always in California time. To find out what time we air in your timezone, use this:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Q:  Where’s Naomi?

A:  Unfortunately, Naomi had to leave us for a bit every day to shoot The Fix. So we got stuck with Fran.

Got any more questions/comments from IGN Live?  Lemme know.