Shut Up About Microsoft's Stock and the Xbox One

Shut Up About Microsoft's Stock and the Xbox One

In the midst of the pile of news that came out of today, some were quick to jump on news that Sony’s stock gained about 9% today, while Microsoft’s lost almost 1%. TechCrunch went so far as to say the Xbox “fails to woo investors.

You’re doing it wrong.

Microsoft’s stock didn’t go up today because it’s already the highest it’s been since 2007. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself.

Further, MS stock has gained almost 20% in the past month alone. “Spurred by the Xbox!” you say?


Spurred (in large part) by this hedge fund saying in April that Microsoft was undervalued. And the stuff that has investors’ faith has nothing to do with Xbox – they’re backing MS’s cloud computing and backend infrastructure businesses. Know what percentage of Microsoft’s business Xbox is?


Now please go back to yelling about the always-online thing.

Disclosure: I own Microsoft stock. I wish it had gone up today.