So You Want to Work at IGN?

So You Want to Work at IGN?

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Today there are a bunch of open jobs up at IGN, in both Editorial and Video, that I’m sure a lot of you are eyeing or even applying for. But stop! Take a breath, and make sure you’re doing it right.

Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

1. Have Experience

If you’re applying to video without video samples, or editorial without writing samples, you have zero chance. Period.

2. Differentiate Yourself

Literally everyone applying will say “I love games!” What makes you stand apart?

3. Actually want to work at IGN

That part about needing “Passion for IGN” – they do actually mean it. Why do you want to work at IGN specifically? This will come up, and you will need a good answer.

4. Put “Negotiable” in the “Desired Salary” field

You have nothing to gain by putting a number in “Desired Salary” – it’s not a required field, and all you’ll do is either price yourself out of contention or lowball yourself. As much as possible, you want to make a potential employer want you, *then *talk about how much it’ll cost to get you.

And if you’re stuck on what ballpark to even ask for, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics – here’s an example for Film and Video Editors. But remember, every business and every town is different, so be ready.

5. Do your homework and do the math

Always keep in mind that San Francisco is a VERY expensive city to live in. Make sure you’ve looked into what the cost of living difference is between your current home/job and SF – you don’t want to get a higher salary just to end up making less.

6. Take your time and DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING

It’s amazing how often an application comes through that touts “attention to detail” where the applicant has also misspelled his/her own name. Go slow, check everything over, and even get someone else to proof-read it if possible.

Want more advice on job searches and applications? Listen to our awesome Jobscast, a full-length podcast discussing these issues with a focus on the gaming and tech industries.

Good luck!