Pretty much everyone wants to know what gear to buy to record a good-sounding podcast. And I always respond the same way: “How many people, and how much?” But recently I’ve gotten a much more specific version of this question:

How do I build a podcast studio for $500?

While difficult, it’s not impossible. Here are some options to get you going. I’m not going to say specifically which to choose, as it depends on your specific situation, but any of the gear on this list should work well. Also, a big gotcha on USB interfaces: while many have multiple mic inputs, most of them still only output stereo for recording. The interfaces I’ve listed are true multi-track, which means you can record each guest to an individual track. This is pretty vital to getting a good-sound podcast, especially on a tight budget, as you can then spend all the time in the world editing and mixing to get it just right.

So here it is: the $500 Podcast Studio Store!