Aging and Wisdom | Podcast 180

Does age bring wisdom? Would we rather have youth or experience? How do we really feel about mortgages? Did Ty tell the same story twice on this podcast and neither of us noticed?

Aging and Wisdom | Podcast 180

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How to Finally Turn Off Autoplaying Video Previews on Netflix
I’ve been waiting for this feature ever since I started watching Netflix, and I’m so thrilled this day has arrived. Netflix, finally bowing to popular demand, has released a feature that allows you to turn off all those damn autoplaying previews.
Billie Eilish’s Mom Was in Saints Row and Mass Effect 2 - IGN
It turns out that Billie Eilish’s mom has voiced a number of video game characters, including one you may remember from Mass Effect 2.
Roving band of herpes-ridden monkeys now roaming northeast Florida
Forget Florida man, now there’s Florida monkeys. A roving band of feral, herpes-ridden monkeys is roaming across northeast Florida. The STD-addled rhesus macaques had previously been confined…
Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open | Robert Heaton
I have a Wacom drawing tablet. I use it to draw cover illustrations for my blog posts, such as this one.

Some politics also happened.

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