In high school I learned the potential for technology to enable creativity, and since then I’ve spent a career solving interesting problems.

You may have seen my work if you watched Austin City Limits, any IGN video from 2008-2012, or if you’ve ever read a digitized manuscript from Timbuktu.

Currently I’m the Chief Technology Officer for Austin PBS, where I’m responsible for all technology strategy and operations - which means my teams keep everything running. Most recently, I oversaw the design and build of the Austin Media Center - a state-of-the-art production facility that’s currently the largest 12G installation in the country. I’ve also co-produced a VR series, which was fun. Lots more too but it’s less exciting when you type it out.

I also keep getting asked to join fancy committees. I’m the Co-Chair of the PBS Major Market Group CTO Cohort, serve on the PBS Board Distribution Strategy Advisory Committee, and represent Texas in the Organization of State Broadcast Engineers. Also used to chair the PBS Engineering Technology Advisory Committee but termed out in 2022.

Outside of work, I love tinkering with all kinds of things. I smoke a solid pork loin, am pretty decent at 3D printing, make music sometimes, cobble together little IoT devices to make my life slightly easier, and of course threw together this basic but fuctional website. Also a pretty big fan of cats.

If you wanna say hi, find me on Mastodon.